Covid-19 and the resulting economic crash has led to the biggest health insurance loss in American history. Nearly 12,000 South Dakotans lost health care coverage. Access to affordable health care is vital to a strong society. The Cares Act should have provided assistance for people that became uninsured as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, our healthcare providers asked for more PPE and other medical supplies to combat the Covid-19 crisis. South Dakota started with only 1,900 test kits for nearly 900,000 people. After several weeks of waiting we still had less than 5,000. Then we ran out of supplies to process these tests and people had to wait up to 2 weeks for results.

Dan will work across party lines to develop a national strategy to improve response to future pandemics, provide adequate testing and supplies and ensure access to quality health care for every South Dakotan.

Congress passed the Payroll Protection Program to help businesses stay open during the Covid crisis. While it has worked for some, many are still waiting and others have closed.

As a small business owner and a chamber president, Dan understands that a “one size fits all” approach to the economic challenges doesn’t work. As a state legislator during the last economic recession, Dan will use his experiences and knowledge of business to ensure programs, stimulus packages and legislation work for the people it is intended to serve.