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Dr. Pat & Nikki Harrington


Dell Rapids

Regardless of party lines, Dan puts his constituents first. When Dan was casting votes the past two years as a state representative, he took each vote seriously by thoroughly researching every item he voted on.

Geoffrey Dipple

College History Professor

Dell Rapids

I have been struck by the tenacity with which Dan Ahlers has stood up for issues of education and children's safety, and I have no doubt that he will champion similar causes in the future.

Kris Frerk



I endorse Dan Ahlers because of his genuine concern for the safety, education and advancement of all children. I have known Dan for sixteen years. His integrity and commitment to his legislative position have definitely proved to me that he has the passion for what is best for District 25 and all citizens of South Dakota. 

Deanne Curran, Teresa Nold & Julie Doucette

Written for an award nomination letter

South Dakota Partners in Policy-making Legislator Advocacy Award

Dan Ahlers went beyond his legislative responsibilities by taking the time to educate parents of children with disabilities on accessing the legislative process and attending disability-related functions and training. Basically, if he was asked, he said yes if it related to a children's issue.

Billie Sutton

Former state senator

"Dan Ahlers has a strong background in small business and economic development. He has a proven record of looking after taxpayers' dollars in Pierre and building relationships across the aisle and with the people he represents.

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