Dan Ahlers is the man to unseat Mike Rounds

By Staff - Native Sun News Today

Sept. 16, 2020


It is time for all Native Americans living in South Dakota to realize that we have the power. We have the vote. All we have to do is find a common goal and vote for it.

Natives are the fastest growing population in the state. How many of you turned 18 since the last election? If so, get down and register to vote now. This is probably the most important vote you will ever cast and if it is your very first vote that is so much better because you will then know that your vote will made a difference.

Everything from the environment to the Post Office has been under siege in the past four years and we are lucky that some members of Congress were able to stand up. Trump was impeached by Congress and yet his impeachment never happened because a Republican Senate refused to vote for it. And now, 190,000 people have died because Trump was in office when he should have been impeached. All of the Republican senators who refused to impeach him are just as guilty of all of those deaths as Trump because they had the chance to remove him from office before all of this damage was done but chose not to.

According to a book by Bob Woodward, and he recorded all of Trump’s comments, Donald Trump knew all of the dangers of Covid-19 but chose his political future over the health of the American people. In February of 2020, when he had the time to stop the spread of this deadly virus, he chose not to. And he lied over and over in order to cover up his inadequacies. This man is as dangerous to the future of America as was Adolph Hitler and yet, just like Adolph, he has his numbskull fans cheering him on and overlooking all of his lies and deceit.

Every Tribal Council on all of the Indian reservations in South Dakota should be organizing their people now to register to vote. Only 2 months are left before the election and they will fly by much too quickly. Does the Indian vote matter? Absolutely. Let’s go back to the year John Thune made his run for Tim Johnson’s senate seat. Nearly all of the votes had been counted and Thune had a big lead. His team was about to start uncorking the champagne bottles. And then the votes began to come in from Pine Ridge and Rosebud. As they were counted the votes for Johnson began to surge and by the end of the night Johnson had taken the lead and went on to hold his senate seat. It was the Indian vote that won the night. And we can do it again.

If you are not registered go out and register. If any member of your family is not registered take them down to register. Let us show South Dakota and America the power of the Indian vote. We have the numbers so let’s put them together in a block and make them count.

Dan Ahlers, a Democrat, is running against Mike Rounds, the coward who refused to impeach Trump thereby allowing the deaths of 190,000 Americans. We need an independent thinker, a true South Dakotan, as our U. S. Senator and not a man so afraid of Trump that he ignores all of his lies and deceit. See our story in this issue about Ahlers. He came to our office and we all decided he is a very good man.

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