Ethics Matter!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Last week, Republicans and Democrats in Congress voiced their concern over President Trump holding the G7 Summit at his Doral resort as a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, Senator Mike Rounds did not share the same concern. When NBC's Frank Thorp asked Rounds if he had any concerns, Rounds replied, "Show me where there's a violation of the law, I'm not sure that there is, not that I'm aware of." In fact, the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution prohibits elected officials from receiving any kind of payment or gift from foreign leaders. Senator Rounds attitude towards ethical behavior sets a low bar in Washington D.C. Rounds set that same low bar during his time as governor of South Dakota. That is why, despite audit warnings, the Gear Up scandal escalated resulting in the embezzling of more than $1 million dollars from a program aimed at preparing high poverty middle and high school students for post secondary education. This scandal also led to a loss of jobs and ultimately the tragic loss of life. It is that same low ethical standard that allowed state employees, including one of Rounds's cabinet members, to give themselves the state contract for the EB-5 program. This scandal cost the taxpayers of South Dakota more than a million dollars and tragically resulted in another death. No one is perfect, but we need to expect more from our elected officials. We must continue to work toward a system of government that promotes the human good and not one of personal gain. Help me restore integrity in Washington D.C. Please support my campaign by clicking "Donate" at the top of the blog.

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