SD Agriculture Deserves More Action, Less Lip Service.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Last week on KELO TV, I watched our Congressional delegation talk about the importance of competition and fair prices for South Dakota farmers and ranchers. I agree, but more could be done.

They have asked for an investigation on price fixing. Investigations take time. With our current laws, I am not confident much will change. Change will require legislation, more time, and our farmers and ranchers will continue to suffer. These are important steps but fail to recognize our producers' immediate needs.

Meanwhile, food banks across this country struggle to meet the needs of an additional 36 million unemployed Americans and their families. Plus, farmers and ranchers across this country have food rotting, milk spoiling and animals euthanized.

The USDA and Congress failed to act swiftly and efficiently. Just as McGovern and Dole did many years ago, I would have been working with my colleagues from agricultural states in a bi-partisan manner and beating down the door of the USDA until they acted. Instead of food going to waste, farmers and ranchers would have been paid. And those in need would have food security.

Send me to Washington as your next U.S. Senator, and I will put my grit and determination to work for you.

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