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Hi, I'm Dan


Thank you for visiting my website and taking the opportunity to know me, my family and our values. My wife, Amy, and I are high school sweethearts and have been married for 23 years. We have two boys, Jackson (15) and Aaron (11). I believe that the success of our great state begins with a strong family unit.


I am a long-time member of the Dell Rapids community where I have been a small business owner for the past 20 years. One of my core values is giving back to the community. It has been an honor to serve as the President of the Haven Before and After School Program, the Dell Rapids Chamber of Commerce and the Dell Rapids Community Fund.

Additionally, it has been an honor to serve District 25 as your State Legislator for six years. During my time in the state legislature, I worked with the departments and my legislative colleagues to ensure state government worked efficiently​ and provided services that met your needs. Together, we have worked to improve funding to education, improve delivery of government services, support veterans and protect our most vulnerable citizens. All of this was done without raising your taxes.

Communication is the best way to create good government. You deserve representation that listens to your concerns and works with others (regardless of party) to find commonsense solutions. 


Determination Meets Opportunity

With a little grit and determination, I started a small business and served my community for 20 years. It's that same grit and determination that South Dakotans past and present used to build this great state. Together, we have overcome tough times. But today, we face challenges we haven't seen since the Great Depression. These challenges are complicated by politicians that have chosen party politics over representing you.


As a community leader, I brought a diverse group of entrepreneurs, non-profits and churches together to build a stronger community. For 6 years, I served District 25 in the state legislature. During that time, I collaborated with my Democrat and Republican colleagues to pass legislation that improved the education and funding for students with disabilities. We improved funding and increased access to quality health care. And I worked across party lines to increase funding to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Family, ensuring thousands of South Dakota children have access to nutritional food.


Working in the minority, it would have been easy to sit back and blame Republicans for the problems and challenges we faced as a state. Besides, what can a Democrat accomplish in Pierre? I'm not built that way, and I was determined to find a way to get work done. I looked for opportunities to work together and found common causes. As a result, we passed legislation and increased funding to areas many thought was impossible. 


Now more than ever you need a strong voice in Pierre. Send me to back to Pierre, and I will put that same grit and determination to work for you.


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