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Dan believes health care is a right. Every South Dakotan should have access to quality health care. 350,000 South Dakotans have a pre-existing condition, and none of them should lose their health insurance or be unable to attain insurance because of their pre-existing condition.

Even with reforms made to expand health care access, too many people lack coverage or are paying more out of pocket for doctor visits, deductibles, and especially prescription drugs. Dan will work to fix what is broken with our healthcare system by providing more options and competition to reduce costs. These solutions begin with ending partisan attacks that have driven up costs, threatened to take away coverage and left thousands of people without health care insurance.

Dan supports:

  • Ensuring every South Dakotan has health insurance, and that those with pre-existing conditions are covered with insurance they can afford.

  • A Medicaid waiver that would allow the recipients to work their way off the program instead of the current wage limit.

  • Medicaid expansion to provide healthcare coverage to more than 27,000 working South Dakotans.

  • More transparency for and oversight of hospital costs.

  • A state strategy to respond to health crisises.


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