Climate Change/

Renewable Energy

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Left unchecked, climate change poses a threat to South Dakota’s economy and our way of life. A warming climate means the potential for more and longer droughts, which endangers South Dakota’s agricultural economy. Longer and more severe droughts will also restrict access to clean water and pose increased public health risks.

In 2019, renewable energy provided 68% of South Dakota’s net energy. South Dakota is poised to become a leader in renewable energy. This industry already employs thousands of people in the state. We can increase that number by making more investments in research and development that will make renewable energy more competitive and accelerate the transition to a renewable economy. The only thing stopping us is irresponsible leadership in Washington.

If we harness the power of American ingenuity and determination, we can mitigate the risks of climate change, create thousands of new good-paying jobs in South Dakota, and continue to lead the world in technology, manufacturing and science.